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Savannah, Georgia Car Accident Attorneys

With offices in Savannah, Atlanta, Athens, Conyers and over 32 years of combined trial experience the car accident attorneys in the Savannah office are here to help you. We firmly believe that an educated consumer is our best client and to that end, we have written detailed articles explaining your rights. Nationally recognized with appearances on FoxNews, Fox Local and PBS, our Savannah personal injury lawyers will help you to understand your rights.

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Our firm does not accept low impact cases or cases involving primarily chiropractic medical care. We choose instead to focus on serious injury and wrongful death cases so our Savannah personal injury attorneys can provide our clients with the personal attention they deserve. We offer free consultations so feel free to contact us to see if your case meets our criteria.

We have more attorneys than staff, which allows personal client services. You will not be stuck working with assistants. Click on the attorney profiles link above for more information.

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