Dog Bite Cases in Savannah Georgia

Dog Bite Law in Georgia: What You Need to Know

Although most dogs are safe and friendly, unfortunately canines can act aggressively toward humans, and especially children. Before pursuing a case, though, it is important to understand that a dog’s owner is not automatically responsible for the animal’s aggression. Dog attacks usually happen when the dog is roaming freely without a leash, so in most areas of Georgia it is illegal not to have a dog on a leash or otherwise confined. If someone has broken this rule and it resulted in an injury to you or someone you know, then we can work towards a fair recovery of your losses. Even if your area does not have a leash law, however, we can still pursue your case by interviewing your neighbors and researching public records to find any previous times when the dog in question has been aggressive toward people.

Once we establish that the dog owner is at fault, the second important step in dog bite cases is making sure that there is insurance to pay for your losses. For example, we recently filed a case after a victim broke his ankle while attempting to flee from an aggressive pit bull. The owner at first said that she no longer had homeowner’s insurance because she had not paid her premium. Soon after filing suit, it became clear that she had been mistaken about the date of cancellation—she did indeed have insurance.

It is not unusual for this type of confusion to occur, although simple mistakes can end up costing victims a lot of the money they deserve. Before moving forward with a dog bite case, make sure that your lawyer is prepared to do all the research and investigation necessary to recover your losses.

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